Assembly Shop

Customized Systems

AE Industry GmbH specializes in building assembly shops that can operate manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically. We design state-of-the-art lines that are optimally suited for the processes in the assembly shop. Our goal is to develop feasible and efficient systems.

Well-thought-out processes.

Due to our integrated process monitoring, you always have the processes in view and maintain balanced quality management.

Intelligent Controlling.

Continuous evaluations and regularly scheduled maintenance ensure smooth operations.


When it comes to assembly shop operations, experience and technical expertise are crucial. That’s why we are dedicated to provide holistic solutions for shell construction that prioritize both of these factors. Our cooperation offer a win-win situation, where you can benefit from our combined knowledge and skills.


Since 2015, we have realised nearly 150 assembly shop projects with a total capacity of 4,957 JPH. In 2022, we have built a total of 24 plants with a capacity of 1,200 JPH.

Grow with us.

Individual projects need individual solutions.

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